My Sephora Diaries; Vol. 3

Hello Readers!

So unlike my last entry into My Sephora Diaries, this entry was definitely more positive and a much better overall experience. As far as I knew, there weren’t any events held at any stores in my area that interested me so I chose to just go in for a Beauty Consultation. For this trip I decided to go to the Sephora in Crystal Court located in South Coast Plaza in Southern California. I was told that this location is supposed to model the “new” layout and kind of aesthetic that Sephora is beginning to model their new stores after, and I was impressed. The store seemed to be very open with more space between the aisles than other stores I have been to even though it wasn’t the largest. The layout of the store was really easy to get around, and didn’t have any corners with products that seemed to be ‘forgotten in the dark’ in some back corner of the store.

My appointment was scheduled for noon, which I was able to schedule online. Sephora recently added this option instead of having all the customers call into the store. Making an appointment was very easy and much quicker than waiting to speak to someone in the store.

I arrived to my appointment about 10 minutes early and wandered around the store a bit before finding a Sales Associate to let them know that I had arrived. I was immediately seated and was greeted by a wonderful SA, Jennifer who took care of my skincare regimen before starting the makeup portion of the consultation. Below is a list  of products she used in the order of application:

After my skin felt fresh and moisturized I was met by my Makeup Artist, Irene. She was really friendly and got really excited after giving her free reign over what kind of makeup and products to use. Together we decided to do a soft brown smokey eye with a luminous and dewy complexion and paired with a light coral lip! As a bonus, she also taught me the basics of applying false lashes, assisting in conquering my fear of falsies.






Products (listed in order of application):

I had a really great time today and am giving a huge thank you to the Sephora staff at Crystal Court for such an awesome experience! I really look for ward to returning to this location and seeing thier friendly faces again.

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6 thoughts on “My Sephora Diaries; Vol. 3

  1. I like the blush! I think the color would be cool if worn by people with fair to medium skin tones 🙂 the only problem with NARS blushes (for me) is the price.. lol

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