March Favorites

Hello Readers!

Hope you had a fantastic March! Below I have a few of my absolute favorites  that I had been using throughout the month.



1) Sephora Collection Liquid Moisturizing Skin Concentrate – $22.00USD from Sephora 




This was the one good thing I found during my horrific trip to Sephora last month which I wrote about in my Sephora Diaries. The skincare SA introduced it to me while I was at the beauty studio and instantly noticed a difference. Sephora claims that the product does the following:

Get skin that is perfectly hydrated, even, and radiant. This miraculous formula helps prepare the skin to absorb moisturizer while a plant-based sugar extract also works to smooth, illuminate, and refine the skin’s texture. This concentrate is a true performance booster. Applied before your usual moisturizer, it increases its hydrating power by up to 25 percent for moisture that lasts all day.

– Sephora 

The skin concentrate is similar to a serum in texture. It has a very strong floral perfume scent when it comes right out the bottle however it fades once the product dries on your face. I have very dry skin and even with my usual moisturizer I would notice dryness around my nose and forehead by the end of the work day. For the few weeks which I have noticed a difference in how much longer my moisturizer seems to last.

2) Make Up For Ever Smokey Extravagant Mascara – $24.00USD (full size) at Sephora



I received this deluxe size mascara when I took my mother to Sephora for her birthday. She received the Sephora birthday gift, however she isn’t one for black mascara so she gave it to me.  I usually never use samples like this because they end up hidden in my makeup drawer. I was growing tired of my Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara because I thought the brush was difficult to work with and the product was slightly clumpy as I continued using it, and one day just reached for this. It’s definitely my new favorite mascara for a few reasons. First I love the brush, The cone shape grabs all my wispy outer lashes and makes it really easy to coat all my lashes in one or two sweeps. I also really like the formula, it feels very light and does not flake or run like Too Faced Better Than Sex. I did notice that the product takes a bit longer to dry but that would be my only complaint. I will probably pick up a full size of this once I run out of the deluxe size.

3) MAC Lustre in Syrup – $16.00USD from MAC




I had seen many reviews and raves on this shade whilst browsing the internet and finally picked it up for myself. For my skin tone its the perfect ‘My Lips But Better’ shade adding a nice gloss and bit of pink. I especially have grown fond of the Lustre line as they offer good pigmentation yet still have a sheen, more so than a Satin. I keep this lipstick in my bag and when I forget lipstick in the morning, a few swipes of this in my car and I’m good to go.

4) Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm with SPF20 in Snow Glow  – $34.00USD from Sephora



I was matched to this product when I went into Sephora under my Skin ID of 1Y01; and it matches perfectly!  I really like this BB Cream in comparison to some of the others I have. Its consistency is much more malleable and doesn’t dry so quickly so I have time to really blend it before it dries. This is the ultimate 5 minute face base as it is  more pigmented than your average BB Cream and has SPF, something that most foundations do not have.

5) NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna – $38.00USD (full size) from Sephora



I don’t actually have a compact of Laguna on its own. It came in my Guy Bourdin One Night Stand palette and I recently found a love for it.  As someone who is very pale I used to stay away from any kind of bronzer in the fear of looking like an oompa loompa.  For the longest time I was using NYX Taupe and although it looks more natural, resembling a shadow, its really dull and flat looking. Although it looks dark and daunting in the pan Laguna actually applies really sheer. Its a warm toned bronzer and has just a touch of shimmer. Since it applies so sheer I feel comfortable using it to build a contour and unlike NYX Taupe, it warms up my face a little making it perfect for the spring and summer months. This bronzer is definitely one that I will be buying on its own and adding to my collection.

Let me know if you see anything above that you would like an in depth review on, or would like me to use in a tutorial!

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17 thoughts on “March Favorites

  1. I want this Guy Bourdin palette so bad but can’t find it – they’re limited edition right? That’s interesting about NYX taupe too, I was looking at picking some up but maybe I’ll go straight to laguna! X

    • Yes unfortunately it was LE, you might be able to find one on eBay or something but it will be at least $100. You could also just probably wait till the holidays and I’m sure NARS will come out with something new!

      NYX Taupe is great too! Its just a cooler toned blush so it just kinda depends on what look you’re going for. Laguna is a must though 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

  2. I recently tried that Makeup Forever mascara and LOVED it. The brush does manage to get every lash and make them look amazing. I would love to try the Too Faced BB. I love the idea of BB’s, but just haven’t found the end all – be all for me. Love that’s it’s more pigmented that most! Also, the liquid concrete sounds really interesting! If I didn’t have oil prone skin I’d definitely give it a go!


  3. Okay so I have a random question. What exactly is the difference between foundation, concealer, bb cream, and cc cream? And when should you use one over the other?

    • No its a good question! The main difference between them is coverage and benefits. BB Creams or Beauty Balms have slightly more coverage than a Tinted Moisturizer and usually have some kind of added benefit like sunscreen and stuff like that. I like to wear a BB cream when I just want light coverage and protection, kind of for an everyday and running errands face. CC Creams are a bit different, but are more similar to a BB than a foundation. CC creams I believe stand for ‘color correcting’ so they tend to be a bit more tinted and have properties that even your skin tone. I personally don’t own any CC creams because they are pretty much the same as BB Creams. Foundations range from light to heavy coverage, and have greater pigmentation and staying power over BB/CC creams. There is also a wider selection of skin tones under foundations. As someone who is very pale, its very hard to come across a BB/CC that actually works for me as they are meant for a wide range of tones or are ‘universal’. I use foundation normally when I have work, some sort of presentation, or am going out. The coverage I wear depends on the event, for example if I am going out at night I prefer to wear a medium-full coverage foundation because A) flawless and B) after a long day, my skin needs all the help it can get. Maybe I should do a whole post explaining BB/CC vs Foundation? What do you think?

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