Weekly Favorite; Vol 6 – Sephora Collection Super Nourishing Lip Balm

Hello Readers!

So I’m back after a wonderful spring break; hope all of you are or have enjoyed yours as well! As many of you may know, Sephora began their Spring Chic week last Sunday, March 30th. In hand with my 15% off coupon I raked in the haul of the century (a post which will be up shortly!), and just happened to pick up this nifty lip balm.

I know, it seems silly that I am dedicating an entire post to lip balm but this stuff is perfect in just every way. The Sephora Collection Super Nourishing Lip Balm is formulated with the following active ingredients:

-Shea Butter: Provides emollient properties and improves skin’s texture.
-Grapeseed Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids it, prevents dehydration and helps restore skin elasticity.
-Meadowfoam Seed Oil: This triglyceride proivies antioxidant properties.
-Vitamin E: Contains antioxidant properties.

– Sephora Website 

The product can literally be purchased at any Sephora store or online for just $5.00USD.

Image courtesy of

– Image courtesy of Sephora

First Impressions:

I was waiting in line with my basket of stuff and noticed it in one of the grab bins that Sephora strategically places  near you in line cause they know you will just go for it. “Oh a lip balm! I have like 10 already, but hey its only $5! That’s like the cheapest thing in this whole store…I’m taking it.”, is literally what went through my mind. When I got home it was coincidentally the first thing I opened because hey, I got a lot of unwrapping to do, my lips might as well be moisturized for all the swatching ahead.

The first thing I noticed was how the balm is packaged like a lipstick which I really liked. No fussing with a weird round ball thing (Im looking at you EOS), and it looks classy in comparison to your average tube of chapstick. Another thing I notice right away was that it smells wonderful! It has a sweet vanilla scent that isn’t overpowering but noticeable. When applied the balm doesn’t burn like some EOS or Burt’s Bees lip balms, and feels very moisturizing and silky for up to a few hours after application.

Final Thoughts:

Definitely my new favorite lip balm. I find that it works better than others that I have used under my lipsticks and liptars. Its a wonderful lipbalm and I would recommend it to anyone who just finds themselves in Sephora with an extra $5 to spend.


  • Packaging
  • Scent
  • Very moisturizing
  • Long lasting


  • Only available at Sephora
  • Maybe $5 is too much to spend on a lip balm?

The Math:

The Sephora Collection Super Nourishing Lip Balm holds .123oz of product and retails for $5.00USD at Sephora and their website. This translates to approximately $40.65USD per ounce. For comparison purposes, your average EOS lipbalm retails for $3.29USD and holds .25oz of products translating to approximately $13.16 per ounce. Or your typical Burt’s Bees retails for $3.29USD and holds .15oz translating to approximately $21.93USD per ounce.



5 thoughts on “Weekly Favorite; Vol 6 – Sephora Collection Super Nourishing Lip Balm

  1. Darn, I was at Manhattan Beach yesterday and didn’t see it. I got the $5 eye pencil though. I like that there is no menthol, camphor or phenol. I’m trying to recover from a Burt’s Bees addiction. Will definitely try this one.

  2. Ugh. I ordered this a week or so ago just because I wanted my fave mascara sample and it arrived broken! I just threw it out, normally I would’ve exchanged it but my store is a half hour away and I’m in there way too often returning (I feel like anyway), so I just ate that. I’ll have to get it again sometime.

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