Tutorial Thursday; Vol. 4 – How to Include Color in Your Everyday Makeup

Hello Readers!

So after my review of the Urban Decay Electric Palette here, I got a lot of people asking how or when I would even use the palette seeing as it is a bit intimidating. So I put together a tutorial demonstrating one way of using the Urban Decay Electric Palette, or any other colored eye shadow to create a more wearable every day sort of look. In addition to the tutorial, I also included 2 other looks that can be just as easily done to add a pop of color to your makeup routine!

Since this tutorial really ranges in regards to what products to use, I did not include a picture. For the following looks I used the Urban Decay Electric Palette, and Lorac Pro Palette. Like I mentioned, any sort of colored eye shadow and neutral color palette can be used.

So lets begin!


Step 1: Start with a primed eye. On the rest of my face, I am only wearing foundation and have filled in my brows. There is no need for concealer at this point as there is bound to be some fallout.


Take Taupe, or a similar light brown shade with a small blending brush.


Step 2: Take Taupe with your fluffy brush and just add some dimension to your eye by applying it in your crease and outer third of your lid.


Here’s a better look at the blending and placement of the shadow.


Step 3: Now for the trick! Take a piece of scotch tape (stick it and pull it off of your t-shirt or something to take away some of the tacky-ness) and apply it in the angle you would normally use for winged liner. Here I have applied the tape following the natural angle of my lower lashline.


Pack Chaos (or any color really) onto a WET flat eye shadow brush (I am using the one included in the Electric Palette). I chose this blue as I was inspired by the Urban Decay look that was on the included eye shadow primer sample in my order.


Step 4: Take the wet shadow brush with Chaos and apply it as if you were drawing a thick and dramatic wing with liquid liner. Basically, I work from the outer part of the wing and make a straight angled line to the inner corner of my eye. I found the best way to apply the shadow is to pat it on rather than brush so you get the best intensity and pigmentation.


Step 5: Clean up the line you made with the shadow on your lid with a bit of concealer and them remove the tape. Touch up any mistakes on the outer part of the wing with concealer as well. Remove any fallout around the eye area.


Step 6: With a smaller WET shadow brush take the same color and apply it to your lower lash line to about the center of your eye. Add concealer under your eye, and create a smooth line from the lower lid through the wing.


Step 7: Add liner and mascara! I used Kat Von D Tattoo liner in Trooper and created a little wing following the eyeshadow.




Step 8: Finish your face! Powder, contour, lipstick, the whole deal. Since I loved how bright the blue was, I didnt want to take away from its intensity by applying bright blush or lipstick. In fact, I’m not wearing any blush at all! I decided that I wanted this look to be super edgy and angular so I did a heavy contour using NARS Laguna. On my lips I am wearing MAC Cremesheen in Peach Blossom.



Some other options…

So if you weren’t too keen on the bright blue liner, I created 2 more eye looks using the Electric Palette. Again, in all of these looks I am using the Urban Decay Electric Palette and Lorac Pro, however any similar shadows may work.


Here I used the Lorac Pro Palette to create a soft shimmery smokey eye then added a pop of color with Thrash on my lower lash line. I think this is probably the most wearable of all the looks that I did, and it would look great with any color (not just lime green haha!). For liner I used Stila Waterproof Smudgestick in Stingray to tightline my upper lashline. Mascara is Too Faced Better Than Sex.




Since the eye shadow is relatively tame, I decided to go with a bright blush and lip! I am using NARS Gaiety on my cheeks, and Bite Beauty’s Violet on my lips. I chose bright pinks as they are complementary to lime green/ chartreuse on the color wheel. Working with complementary colors is a great way to learn how to pair colors!



Okay so for this last look, I wanted to do something a little bolder. I used the Lorac Pro Palette to create a base, a Cream color all over my lid, and Mauve in the crease. Next I took Jilted and layered over Mauve in my crease and outer third of my lid, then brought it down to about the center of my eye on my lower lid. I followed with Urban on the very outer-v of my upper lid and the outer third of my lower lid. To finish, I tightlined my upper lashline with Stila Waterproof Smudgestick in Stingray, and topped it off with Too Faced Better Than Sex.



This look was very much inspired by the Pantone Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid. To finish the face I kept NARS Gaiety on my cheeks from the previous look, and swiped on MAC Lustre in Syrup for my lips.




So that’s it! If you missed my review on the Electric Palette, you can find it here. Let me know down in the comments how you would wear such bright pigments!

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11 thoughts on “Tutorial Thursday; Vol. 4 – How to Include Color in Your Everyday Makeup

  1. This tutorial makes the electric pallet a bit less intimidating. I want to try the chartreuse and something with pink/blue. Bright colors are fun. Thank you for 3 great looks.

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