Weekly Favorite; Vol 5 – MAC Lustre Lipstick in Dreaming Dahlia (LE)

Hello Readers!

Well I am back (after 2 weeks I know :P) with my Weekly Favorite! I’m not too sure about the rest of the country but its definitely heating up in Southern California. Forget Spring, it feels like Summer! I recently picked up this MAC Lustre Lipstick in Dreaming Dahlia during my last trip to the MAC counter. Dreaming Dahlia is a Limited Edition (LE) shade and is part of MAC’s Spring Collection: A Fantasy of Flowers. This product can be picked up for a limited time at $16.00USD at your local MAC counter or via the MAC website.


Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics.



First Impressions: 

Dreaming Dahlia is described by MAC as a “sheer red coral” via MAC Cosmetics. In reality is a sheer yellow based red-orange shade. It is literally the perfect shade for such a warm spring.  When I first looked at it, I thought it was a complete copy of MAC’s Lady Danger, however when applied it is much different. The product is very sheer and has a little bit of shimmer to it, but its not in any way distracting or distasteful. It is a very easy wearing red lip.


Here’s my face of the day using Dreaming Dahlia paired with a light neutral smokey eye with a pop of gold from Lorac Pro.



Final Thoughts: 

Like I said, this is a very yellow-based red orange shade. Since red shades are more tricky than a pink or mauve lip, I feel like it would look best with those with yellow based skin. However those with red based skin tend to neutralize that redness – with concealer and foundation, ect. – so really it will look great on anyone. Since it is a part of MAC’s Lustre line, it is very creamy and sheer making it resemble more of a highly pigmented balm and definitely not as intimidating as a full on legit red lip.


  • The color, it is absolutely perfect!
  • Scent. This may just be my opinion, but I love the smell of MAC lipsticks. They have a very light Vanilla scent, that I think is in no way overpowering.
  • Packaging. Very sturdy and classic.
  • Sheer application.


  • The shimmer. Makes it out to be a relative of MAC’s Frost line.
  • Not long wearing. Lasts for maybe 2 hours before needing to be touched up. Will not last through a meal.

The Math:

Dreaming Dahlia retails for $16.00USD and holds .1oz of product, translating to approximately $160.00USD per ounce. For comparison purposes similar products to Dreaming Dahlia include Tom Ford Sweet Spot and Too Faced Calypso Shimmer. Tom Ford’s Sweet Spot sells for $49.00USD from high end retailers including Nordstrom, and holds .01oz of product, translating to approximately $490.00USD per ounce. Too Faced Juicy Melons sells for $22.00USD at Sephora and holds .11oz of product, translating to approximately $200.00USD per ounce.


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