New Member of the SoCal Bloggers Society!

Hello Readers!

I have very good news! This morning I received an email notifying me that I have been accepted and approved as a member of the SoCal Bloggers Society!

“SoCal Blogger Society was created to bring together all the bloggers from the Southern California area to one place where each can interact with bloggers located near them. SoCal Blogger Society aims to be a place where all SoCal bloggers can come to for events and happenings around SoCal, find fellow bloggers, and tools and resources to be the most successful blogger one can be.” – SoCal Blogger Society

I am very excited to continue growing my blog through the SoCal Blogger Society, and look forward to the monthly meetups, events, and tags!

If any of you are bloggers whom reside in Southern California full time, I highly suggest joining if you have not already! Please take into consideration their member guidelines, requirements and policies.


My next scheduled post is on Friday for my weekly favorites, and I have a lot in store over the weekend including my Monthly Favorites for February, as well as a special guest review!

XO – Untitled-1


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