What to Expect

Hello everyone!

First of all, thank you for all of you new followers!

I just wanted to check in and kinda layout what it is exactly that I want to cover in my blog. For a calendar view of upcoming posts, view the ‘upcoming posts’ tab above. If you have any suggestions please respond to the poll down, comment down below, or contact me via the tab above!

Weekly posts will include:

  • Face/Looks of the Day: Will include product lists (don’t worry I wont leave you hanging!)
  • Favorite product(s) of the week: Every Friday I will swatch, review, and rave about a product I used and loved throughout the week.
  • Inspiration du Semaine: Since I am an artist in addition to a beauty blogger, to begin your week, every Monday I will post an inspirational artist and fellow blogger whose work is worth checking out!
  • News: Any upcoming sales, coupons, releases, ect.

Bi-Weekly posts will include:

  • Reviews and Swatches: including eyeshadows, blush, lipstick, brushes ect.
  • Hauls: including initial reviews, and swatches!
  • Lust List: newly stumbled upon makeup or skincare goodies that I just must have!
  • Tutorial Tuesday: Every Tuesday I will post a tutorial ranging from eyes, lips, contouring, ect!

Monthly posts will include:

  • Beauty for your Boyfriend: Once a month I will give my SO a product for him to review that you can then pass on your significant males in your life. These will mostly be skincare items since A) makeup for guys isn’t really a thing, and B) there’s no way I could get him to review makeup anyway (..I’ll try though!).
  • Monthly Favorites: Posted every 1st of the month reviewing past month’s favorites, nuff said.
  • My Sephora Diaries: So I go to Sephora…like probably more than I should, hence the VIB Rouge status. For those of you who may not know, VIB Rouge means that I have spent over $1,000 at Sephora within a calendar year. Since I’m guessing they feel bad about stealing so many peoples hard earned money, with VIB Rouge comes complimentary 90 minute consultations with a Sephora MUA. Soooooo, once a month I will go and document my consultation and share with you product recommendations, MUA techniques, and my experiences.

Unless there is a specific day and time frame for which a post will be posted, all other posts will be at random and at my own discretion. For example, my goal is to post swatches every two weeks, but I don’t have a specific day planned for this.

Again, please let me know if you have any additional recommendations in either the comments, poll down below, or straight up contact me! I have some more ideas floating around in my head, but these are for sure the ones I will be covering.

Thanks Loves!

XO- Jen


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