Hello Internet World!

Hello everyone!

I figure at this point not very many people, if any, will be reading this; however, I still think the best way to begin my blog is to introduce myself.

Well to start things off, my name is Jennifer, but most people call me Jen. Basically, people can call me whatever nickname or pet name they want…just not Jenny. Don’t ask me to go into it, I’d just prefer to not be. Anyway, a little backstory: I was born, raised, and currently reside in Southern California. I attend University of California, Irvine where I will be graduating from in June with double B.A.’s in Studio Art and Cultural Anthropology (EXCITING!!!). Once I graduate I plan on moving back home with my parents for a year while I participate in internships and apply to graduate school. My dream is to be accepted somewhere in the Bay Area or San Francisco where I can earn my M.A. in Museum Studies.

Ever since a young age I have been very intrigued with art and color. Whilst growing up, I was always referred to as the ‘artsy’ one and badgered at no end to draw someone a picture or even write their name. I figured that my interest in art, specifically drawing and painting, naturally led me to have this interest in makeup. While growing up I had always liked makeup, however probably not more than the average girl. Through high school I probably had no more than a powder foundation, black eyeliner, and mascara. It wasn’t until 6 months ago when I really started to take pride in doing my makeup (almost) every morning, extending my collection, and following brands for releases.

I have now grown to love makeup because of the way it makes me feel. Not because it’s this considered unspoken social hegemony that all women must wear makeup to be ‘pretty’. Not because I know I get treated better, specifically by men, while I am out and about while wearing it. And definitely not because I feel like I am ugly without it. I do not wear makeup for anyone else but me. I don’t believe that makeup is made to hide your features, but to bring out and accentuate the beauty that is already there.

At the moment, nothing makes me feel more beautiful, more confident, and speaks my personality more than a power brow and a dark lip, and to me I think that’s just fine.

Thanks for reading!

XO- Jen


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3 thoughts on “Hello Internet World!

  1. You’re so right! The same happened to me about nail polishes, started to collection two months ago and now completely addicted! And starting to be much more concerned about make-up too so I am learning from others (before I was a mascara-balm girl ^^).
    This post was so interesting!

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